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Computer and Instructional Technology

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Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology


The department aims to train information and communication technology (ICT) teachers who can integrate current ICT technologies into schools to enhance teaching and student learning, communicate with others via the range of technologies, design and develop multimedia and web-based instructional products, use technologies to serve the needs of diverse students, apply technology leadership skills in the schools, and research the potentials of technology use in educational settings.


The department has a vision of scientifically investigating and implementing potentials of developments in the fields of information and communication technologies and pedagogical sciences within the context of educational settings.



The graduates of 4-year undergraduate program can work as a "Computer Teacher" or "ICT Teacher" especially in secondary and high schools as well as an "Instructional Technologists” at educational institutions work settings. They can also work as software developers or programmers in both public and private sector.





Contact Information

Assoc.Prof.Mustafa KOÇ

Assoc.Prof.Mustafa KOÇ

+90 246 211 4665


Assist.Prof.Muhammet DEMİRBİLEK

+90 246 211 4658


Assist.Prof.Veysel DEMİRER

+90 246 211 4664