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Primary Education

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The primary objective of elementary education; armed with the knowledge and skills required for teaching, educational technologies can be used effectively, personal and professional ethical behaviors that are a good role model for the students, dependent on Atatürk's principles and revolutions, field of knowledge, respectful of the culture and values ​​of the society, open to innovation, lifelong learning philosophy and professional responsibilities,sensitive to people,the society and the nature,gripping the position in the social and educational development of the profession, perceived the  development as a lifestyle, adopting scientific thinking and working,giving importance to the public interest, contemporary and creative and critical thinkers is to train qualified teachers.

The purpose of department;students can discuss problems related to education, are able to produce solutions to these problems and to create a learning environment where they can express themselves freely,aware of their responsibilities,rigorous in their works,open to interdisciplinary areas,that can share their work, getting reference the academic criteria in their evaluations,supporting creative thinking,is to educate open to criticismindividuals,is to arrange national and international congresses, symposia, panel discussions, conferences, workshops and so on. meetings, is to carry out research projects and publications.Students access to information, to create environments that facilitate communication and interaction.Our basic aims are to ensure the fulfillment with participatory approach and  an honest, open, democratic in the academic works.


Our vision;In the light of the universal values ​​of science, technology and art from the accumulation of advantage to train highly qualified individuals for the country's future,production to offer the benefit of society,education-teaching that will give in national and international environments, is to contribute to national and global development that will produce knowledge and technology.By contributing to the production of knowledge thorough theoretical and applied research made in the field of educational sciences tothe education of individuals, on the basis of equality and respect for human rights education to examine issues of society, to find solutions, to provide knowledge for the benefit of society.Expert and competent academic staff,that will train  qualified educators,and national and international level, our main goal is to become a reputable educational institutions by  doing scientific research and projects








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Assoc.Prof.Osman Fevzi PEKER

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Assoc.Prof.Süleymen AKÇAY

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Assoc.Prof.Yasin EREN

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