26 Eylül 2017 Salı

Foreign Language Education

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The aim of the department is to train individuals who will be able to represent our country and culture properly among other countries and cultures; are freethinkers, investigators, inquisitorial; can question themselves and the world critically; have the required knowledge of their field; develop themselves by following national and international literature; practice modern teaching methods; and accordingly are models to their students as conscious people, and are beneficial for their nations and the whole mankind.


Arab Language Teaching Department was opened with the 17.08.2011 dated permission of Ministers Assembly. It plans training Arab Language Teachers. Graduates can be employed in different foundations such as Culture and Tourism Ministry. 


 The English Language Teaching Department aims to produce English language teachers devoted to all teaching grades of the system of the Ministry of Education. The English Language Teaching Program enables English teacher candidates who are equipped with modern methods and techniques to convey their acquired knowledge and abilities to their professional life.

Students who finish the program, graduate as English teachers. They are employed as English teachers in public and private schools bound to the Ministry of Education. However, the working area of the graduates is diverse. They can work in the public or private sector, trade, tourism, banking, and translation sectors. 


Aiming to graduate their students with the latest knowledge and skills as the requirements of teaching proficiency, the mission of Foreign Language Education Department is to raise professional individuals who aim lifelong learning and continually develop themselves both professionally and individually.  


Our vision is to raise teachers who are always forward-thinking, who can foresee tomorrow from today, who are aware of their roles as being examples to the future generations instead of just performing their teaching profession.


The graduates of English Language Teaching Bachelors Program are receive the title of “English Teacher” and are employed mostly by the public and private schools under Ministry of Education. Moreover, the graduates of this program can find other job opportunities in other sectors in which they can use their language abilities.