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Mathematics and Science Education

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Department of Mathematics and Science Education



The primary goal of the Department of Mathematics and Science Education is to train contemporary and qualified teachers who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, can effectively use educational technologies, are good role models for students by exhibiting personal and professional ethical behavior, are faithful to Atatürk's principles and revolution, have enough content knowledge, are respectful to the culture and values of society, are open to innovation, have lifelong learning philosophy and professional responsibilities, are sensitive to nature, humane and the society, comprehend the position of the profession in social and educational development, perceive development as a way of life, assimilate scientific thinking and working style, are public-spiritedand can think creatively and critically.

The aim of the department is to create learning environments where students can discuss educational problems, produce solutions to these problems, and express themselves freely; to train critically qualified individuals who are aware of their responsibilities, are rigorous in their work, are open to interdisciplinary fields, able to share their work, take academic criteria in their evaluations, support creative thinking and are open to criticism. Our main aims are to organize national and international congresses, symposiums, panels, conferences, workshops, meetings etc., to carry out research projects and publications, to provide information access for students, create environments that facilitate information access, communication and interaction of students, to ensure that students are honest, open, democratic and participatory in their academic work.



Our visionis to raise highly qualified individuals for the future of the country by taking advantage of the accumulation of science, technology and art in the light of universal values, to offer production for the benefit of society and to contribute to national and universal development through knowledge and technology it will produce and education-training provided in national and international environments. Our vision is to contribute to the production of knowledge through theoretical and applied research in the field of educational sciences, to examine the educational problems of the society on the basis of respect for education, equality and human rights, to produce solutions and to present the knowledge accumulation to the benefit of the society. Our main goal is to become a reputable educational institution at national and international level with its qualified and competent academic staff, qualified trainers, scientific researches and projects to be carried out.

Head Chair

Asst. Prof. Yasin EREN

Academic Staff

Asst. Prof. Ömer ERDOĞAN

Asst. Prof. S. Levent ZORLUOĞLU

Asst. Prof. Berna AYGÜN

Research Assistants