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About Faculty

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Süleyman Demirel University Education Faculty was established on January 29, 2010. The general aim of Education Faculty: Graduates will be trained as individuals with teacher competencies in accordance with scientific and technological developments, equipped with the knowledge, skills, methods and techniques related to the field of study and teaching profession.Our graduates who are equipped with superior teaching knowledge and skills can be assigned to administrative or even teaching positions within the Ministry of National Education or private education institutions.

Vision:The aim of this faculty is to become a faculty which can raise teachers and academics who are qualified, dedicated to their job, willing to cooperate, capable of using educational technologies and of putting their theoretical knowledge into practice; are open to life long learning, and capable of tolerance and an objective approach towards all individuals, of expressing their opinions freely, of criticising; have the ability to think scientifically; are aware of their duties and responsibilities; and are creative and productive.

Mission: To enhance the quality of education and knowledge by means of this field by making theoretical and practical researches in the field of educational sciences, to produce solutions to educational problems, to train qualified teachers and expert according to the qualifications stated in the field of educational sciences by carrying out a qualified undergraduate and postgraduate education.


Departments of Education Faculty:

·        Computer & Educational Technology

·         Educational Sciences

·         Foreign Language Education

·         Mathematics and Science Education

·         Turkish and Social Sciences Education

·         Primary Education

·         Special Education

          Fine Arts Education