Mission and Vision

 Mission of Science Education Undergraduate Program
The mission of this program is to contribute to research, interpretation of research results, problem-solving, effective use of instructional technologies, creative, scientific and critical thinking skills of individuals who have graduated from the undergraduate program of Science Education and be competent and qualified in general culture, pedagogical formation, field knowledge. With this mission, in our department, learning environments are created where students can discuss educational problems, produce solutions for these problems and express themselves freely. In this way, our department enables to train students as individuals who are aware of their responsibilities and meticulous in their studies, open to interdisciplinary fields and criticism, share their studies, refer to academic criteria in their evaluations, support creative thinking. In addition, to organize meetings such as national and international congresses, symposiums, panels, conferences, workshops, to conduct research projects and publications, to create learning environments that students' access to information, facilitate communication and to ensure that students carry out their academic studies with an honest, open, democratic and participatory approach is located as missions of Department of Science Education.

Vision of Science Education Undergraduate Program

The vision of the Science Education Undergraduate Program is to educate individuals who are highly qualified for the future of the country by utilizing the knowledge of science and technology in the light of universal values, to present their production for the benefit of the society, to provide education and training, to produce national and international information and technology and, to contribute the development. The aim of the department is to examine the educational problems of the society on the basis of education, equality and respect for human rights by contributing to the production of knowledge through theoretical and practical research in the field of Science Education, to provide solutions and to provide knowledge for the benefit of society. Our main objective is to become a respected educational institution at national and international level with its expert and competent academic staff, qualified educators to be trained, scientific researches and projects to be carried out.